SANKEI Warehouse

Sankei India has As One of the Biggest Warehouse is BAWAL Region - HSIDC

  • SANKEI Warehouse Length is 100 Meters & Width 50 Meters
  • Warehouse is Equipped with Specialised Bins, Storage Rack Sections for Child Parts, RM Storage Racks

  • 1. Shooter Rack

    Total Quantity : 4

    Length 15Mtr. X Width 1 Mtr. X Height 3 Mtr.

    2. FIFO Rack

    Total Quantity : 5

    Length 20Mtr. X Width 2 Mtr. X Height 2 Mtr.

  • SANKEI Warehouse is Equipped with Rain-Water Harvesting System
  • SANKEI Warehouse is Equipped with Material Loading Dock for Ease of Quick Export
  • SANKEI Warehouse Has Four Hydraulic Elevated Gates to Dispatch and Material Receipt
  • Gang Way of Ware House is Epoxy Coated
  • Surveillance System and Automated Piece Counting System for Supplier Ease
  • SANKEI has Committed Team to Manage Warehouse.

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