Sankei Giken India Private Limited established on 1st August 2003 in Bawal, Rewari, Haryana. In 2005 Sankei  India set up two wheeler plant and Production started. SANKEI INDIA did expansion in 2007-08 to manufacture 4 wheeler parts.

SANKEI INDIA is Manufacturer of mainly exhaust system for both 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers, Door Sash and Various Types of Tubeler & Sheet Metal Parts for Automobile. SANKEI INDIA have In House facility of nickel Chrome plating and HR  and TSA paint shop. SANKEI INDIA owns the world class zero discharge ETP. Sankei Giken India Private Limited is ISO 14001,ISO 45001 and IATF 16949 Certified Company.Sankei Giken India Private Limited Is Major Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company in India. SANKEI Giken is Major and Sole Supplier for Global Brands Like Honda Car, Honda Motorcycle, Suzuki Motorcycle , India Yamaha, Daikin and Paramount Bed. World Wide Know-how of The Automotive Components Manufacturing is Strength of Sankei Giken. Each new Rollout of Sankei Acquires the Know-how and Benchmarks from Japan. SANKEI India has Catered Indian Automotive Components Customer Successfully since Last fifteen  Years. Team Sankei is Committed for Best Quality of Products to its Customers at Right time. Characteristic of Its efforts In this regard is, Its Unified Order Placement/Full In-House Production System that Allows Sankei To Undertake All Steps On Its Own, From R&D To Planning/Proposal, Designing, Assessment/Analysis, and Manufacturing. It Uses Various Evaluating Equipments To Perform Precise Verification As It Carrys Out Effective and High-Precision Development Design , As Well As A Testing Process That Ensures The Functionality and Reliability of the Product. Sankei also Offers In-House Development Of Dies, Tools, NC Bending Equipments, Welding Equipments and Other SPM Equipments, Necessary For Production.