A new Sankei Giken Kogyo sets sail.

A car/motorcycle parts manufacturer with history and traditions

I am Akihiro Hasegawa and I was appointed to the post of President on Jun 23, 2013.

Since its establishment in 1948, Sankei has been constantly striving to develop new processing technologies and products as a parts manufacturer that is capable of consistently undertaking forming and surface treatment for both metals and plastics. In particular, we have been highly rated by key Japanese and overseas car and motorcycle manufacturers for essential exhaust system parts used in internal combustion engines, car body parts and car fittings that demand both functionality and design.

Our company’s key market, the automobile industry, is said to be an industry that integrates a wide range of expertise and technologies extending across fields such as mechatronics, human factor engineering and design, marketing etc. It plays a huge role in driving global industries and can even be said to shoulder the important mission of supporting the “paradigm shift towards a sustainable society” that is often cited on a global scale these days. On the other hand, higher quality control skills and cost competitiveness are required in maturing markets. At the same time, in order to cater meticulously to needs that are becoming more diversified and localized, a global and local i.e. “glocal” response capability is called for.

Extending glocal corporate activities with Japan as the base

Under such an environment, we at Sankei have broadly adopted three directives for the future. The first one is the evolution of the company into a “glocal Sankei”. Currently, the company has 2 production bases in North America with another new production base established in Alabama in Aug 2013for Asia we have 1 production base in Taiwan, 3 in China, 2 in rapidly growing India, and 1 in Indonesia. Furthermore, we are also planning to enter the Thai market which is expected to become a global hub in the near future. These global production bases allow our company’s advanced technologies to be deployed laterally, while allowing products and production facilities to be localized and optimized to meet the demands of each market.

The second directive is the promotion of “innovation in production technologies”. We will actively press forward with the development of processing technologies for the manufacture of lighter, thinner, stronger and more precise metal plating and molded products, small-scale production technologies for multiple products that save on labor, or the introduction of high performance production facilities for performing multiple processes all at once. Based on these efforts, it will be possible to expand into other fields such as consumer-related products besides the automobile market.

The third directive is the conduct of more in-depth “research and development on new materials”. In the functional plating field, we have already developed the ground-breaking “i-COAT” technology that allows millimeter wave radar to pass through. We have also achieved concrete results in researching and developing our own carbon nano-tubes together with the expanded R&D facilities in the Akabane Factory.

Going forward, we at Sankei will continue to constantly put into practice new products and proposals with high quality specifications with metal forming and surface treatment technologies as our foundation. Besides striving to meet the requirements of customers, we will always maintain a spirit of “challenge and creation” as we aim to become a company that can soar high as it heads towards the future while developing innovative technological capabilities and advanced production systems.